Our story



In the industry since Slick Rick’s bedtime story – our business grew on youth, unbigoted free-spirit, hard work and uncompromising audacity. Despite the many obstacles, stigmas, and a few unsolicited leaves of absence, we never stopped upholding the healing and soothing powers of cannabis plants and the freedom of all to benefit from them. Extending our vision and horizons internationally, HERBDON™ now brings you the excellence of abiding passion and expertise to your doorstep.

Disclaimer: Cannabis may interact with certain medications. For further information on cannabis and drug interactions please consult your doctor



The CBD world is choking amongst oil in a bottle companies. Companies that have never had any involvement in the cannabis world—nor the nutraceutical one for that matter—are now involved in the business of selling promises. Unacknowledging the benefits of its purity and potency; copying competitors’ formulations, lacking ethics; or white-labelling third-party products from companies supplying hundreds of other companies out there.


So where does the difference reside in such a market, other than in the colour of labels and alleged benefits?


HERBDON™ is all about niche markets. Combining our experience to the unfaltering strive for quality, we serve the connoisseurs of the world  and those few aiming at becoming so. Our formulas, crops and products are ours and ours only.


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